Mounds View High School Baseball Summer Baseball Camps
Flyer - 2014 Summer Fun Camp - Grades 1 -5

Community Education Online Sign-Up - Grades 1-5

Flyer - 2014 Summer Fun Camp - Grades 6-12
Community Education Online Sign-Up - Grades 6-12


We strongly encourage students to participate in multiple sports at MVHS.  They learn to compete, athletic skills are transferable, they learn different roles, and experience different teammates.  This all helps them in baseball.
We also strongly encourage the baseball players to play baseball in the summer; this is a critical time for continued development of personal and team skills.
If you are not participating in a fall or winter sport, we encourage you to do something to work towards being stronger/faster, and to improve your baseball skills. Workout options include the Mounds View weight room, Captains Practice (beginning in January) and non-MVHS affiliated programs (i.e. Complete Game, PHD, Line Drive, Acceleration, Community Center, etc.).  Complete Game and PHD are two organizations that have very strong ties to MV baseball.  They are both willing to support MV baseball by offering small group training options for MV baseball players this winter.  Flyers for both programs are below.     

Players and Parents should not take the information below as an endorsement by Mounds View High School, and should take the time to investigate further to see if these programs are a good fit.



2014 Complete Game Winter Training for MVHS


          2014 PHD Winter Training for MVHS