Parent Expectations

  • Review and understand the baseball program expectations for the players
    • Reinforce and support the expectations with your son.
    • The expectations for class, respect and sportsmanship apply to Parents as well as Coaches and Players!
  • Talk to your son about his experience: Be positive; be supportive; encourage him; help him work through difficult times.
  • Encourage your son to address issues and concerns with the coaches; we want a culture of open communication, and we want expectations to be clear.
    • If that conversation does not resolve the issue for your son, then call the coach.
  • Volunteer your time and energy as you are able and willing to support the baseball program to help provide a positive and enriching experience for the players.
  • Take advantage of the tremendous opportunity to develop and enhance relationships with other parents as a result of your son’s participation in baseball.

For what it’s worth…

  • .98 % of all High School Baseball players nationwide will receive some form of Division I scholarship. Those signing a pro contract have a 5000-1 chance of becoming a 5 year major league player. High School athletics is the pinnacle for most athletes.
  • From Coaching Principles 101: “Parents are naturally more interested in their child than the overall team” – I challenge Parents to prove that principle wrong…
  • As Parents, we tend to want to take all the pain, heartache, and sadness out of our children’s lives. Remember, these are the things that help them become a better person.
  • Studies show that by far what kids most want to hear from their parents: “I love to watch you play.”  That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Prepare children for the path ahead, don’t try and prepare the path for the child

You never know when you’re making a memory.