We will run a high school baseball program that:
- our students take significant pride in, and
- our students can fulfill whatever potential they are capable of and
they are willing to commit to working towards

We have 3 Goals for the season:
1) Every individual becomes a better baseball player
2) Every individual becomes a better teammate
3) Every individual becomes a better person

We will remember that our #1 priority and focus is to help develop better people through competing in the game of baseball. We want to help build championship kids through striving to win championships - we want to give them learning experiences they can use the rest of their lives. We're developing a person first, an athlete second. If we win a championship; great; it will be very exciting, and we will celebrate! But, if we do not help our players become better players, better teammates and better people in the process, then it will not be very meaningful.  Winning is clearly a goal; it is not our purpose.

We will coach within the framework of the overall high school experience and priorities, and we support and encourage multiple sport athletes.

We will work with and support the Shoreview Area Youth Baseball organization, the Tri-City Red Legion baseball program, and Club Teams our players participate with. We encourage parents to be involved as they are able and willing to help provide a positive and enriching experience for the players. Providing a quality high school baseball program requires a strong partnership of community baseball, parents and the Mounds View School District.

We will support and promote players that want to play at the collegiate level.

We will have high expectations for all involved: Coaches, Players and Parents. We will do everything within an environment of class and commitment. The players will consistently hear these words, and we will talk about what they mean off the field as well as on it.

We will respect and leverage the significant success of past teams, coaches and players at MVHS. At the same time, tradition doesn't win any games; good players, good coaching, and hard work does...

We will focus on performance, not on the outcome - we get better results when we focus on those things that we control, especially in an adversity oriented game like baseball. We will talk in terms of being "not satisfied" versus "disappointed" if things don't go well - viewing it as a "temporary setback," not "failure." We hold ourselves accountable, we don't make excuses, and we don't focus on past events that have already happened. The environment will be positive and enthusiastic.

We will emphasize three things that we control from a baseball standpoint; these essentially represent how we will evaluate our performance each game.
- Execute with Fundamentals
- Be Mentally Tough
- Compete Aggressively ("With a Purpose")

We will emphasize defense - it's no secret that if you throw strikes and make plays, you've always got a chance to win a game.

From a defensive standpoint, we will be conservative. "Make the routine plays," "make an out of an out," and "no play - no throw" are themes that will be constantly emphasized.

Offensively, we will be "aggressive under control." We want to put "constant pressure" on the opponent's defense.

We will emphasize and spend practice time on the mental part of the game of baseball: practicing ways to help deal with adversity, and developing and practicing routines that can be relied upon under pressure.

We will have fun. Fun is winning, working hard and getting better, and fun also is simply enjoying the game; it's really fun to connect solidly with the bat, or to just play catch...

Coach Downey